Monday, June 9, 2008


Other than silk scarves with insects on them, my collections would be of value to no one but me. They tend to be things of nature. Most of them are found on my daily walks on the beach.

My house might collapse under the weight of this STUFF.
The trianglular objects are stone and occasionally brick or seaglass.
Sometimes there is discussion about whether the object is "close enough" to being a triangle.
It's a judgement call.

The seaglass started it all. It has broken down into colors. Pretty soon the blue tiles will be sent to their own container. There may also be further recategorization of light greens and light blues.

These are shoe-shaped objects. A left and a right. But they can be turned around and be right and left. The one on top is a Barbie type plastic shoe that insinuated itself into the collection. The photo is poor. It is a dark green pump.
Here is the beginning of my collection of six-sided objects. My favorite. The spherical rock to the left is from my neighbor-in-California, Sally, who moved away almost 20 years ago. I keep my neighbors close. One of my saddest days.

It can be quite the weight to carry these stones. I almost have to hope against hope that I don't find too many on one day.

The heaviest one was 12 pounds.

The pinky speckled one is so ugly that it's beautiful.
Oh, I do collect shoes. And interesting items with insects. But I don't thin that anyone would be interested in those things.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! and i collect stones, but then i let them be. Thanks for these pics Jil!! - B