Friday, July 25, 2008

Chocolate on my mind

Stumbled upon Christopher Elbow chocolates today. He has chocotiques in Kansas City and San Fran in addition to an online presence. I know this photo is uninspiring, but hey, it's what I could get.

I'm pretty serious about dark chocolate. Don't eat much of it, but I love good quality bites. For my West coast buddies, I often order from Fran's Chocolates in Seattle. Carbon footprint etc. She infuses her chocolate truffles with the most wonderful and imaginative flavors. Grey salt, oolong tea. She totally inspired me at Christmas this past year, particularly after Mark Bittman of the NYTimes posted a video dispelling the complications of making truffles. As worst baker of the new century, I was shocked that I could do it.

I often buy these Burdick chocolates for friends on the East coast. There are stores in Cambridge and Northampton Mass. Love the mice. Some New Yorkers don't find this gift amusing.

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