Friday, October 3, 2008

Try it For a CHANGE

I'm going to my first Tweet-up of CT-Rhode Island Twitter people tonight and thought I'd bring a prize for the organizer, Joe Cascio.

My friend Carol from Ashlawn Farm has created the Obama and the McCain Blends. The former fly out of the shop. You can order the latter from the website, but there aren't any on the shelves because it's not a big seller. The Obama blend is described as:

A sweet, balanced blend of dark and light roasted coffees from Kenya, Java and the Americas. Try it for a change.

The McCain blend as:
A light-roasted, highly caffeinated coffee. This edgy, strong, and reliable single origin, is grown in the hills of Vietnam.
I know that Carol tried to find beans from Panama because that's where McCain was born, but there was some snag.

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