Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The O8 Ball's behind US -- Shake it UP

Outdoors it is spitting icy rain. Not a pretty day. So, I'm playing quietly on Twitter and chatting with my friends J +V on Facebook. Then I found this. . .

The O8 Ball is behind us. Now it's time for the Magic O9 ball. Brought to by Louisville-based Mindsalt Design + PR. They are a brand invention (and re-invention) agency for imaginative companies who wish to change minds, improve culture, and rise above the familiar. Follow the link and shake it up. Below you can see my prediction, unfortunately the photograph is not great (from my Iphone). Look closely! They are a talented bunch. Check out the website. If you can possibly stop playing with the future.

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Xander said...

My mom does twitter. heehee