Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marthe Armitage Hand Printed Wallpapers

A recent article in the BBC's Gardens Illustrated featured the work of Marthe Armitage.

A British treasure, Armitage began making wallpaper after WWII and to this day, cuts the lino blocks and does the printing herself. Her papers are now carried by Hamilton Weston Wallpapers & Design. They render me -- nearly -- speechless. Apparently, if you place an order, you can ask for a color of your choice, but the artist is in charge of the final color she uses. I can imagine some of my pickier friends who love to control all decorating details freaking out at this.

The design above is Tansy. The two below are Hops. Both are courtesy of Hamilton Weston. There are 24 designs in all. The Hops on Gold, is something I never thought I would like, but it is lovely.

My daughter suggested that I go and apprentice with her. I would love to. Marthe is also a member of the Bloomsbury group Art Workers Guild.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

Kathie McG. tipped me off to your blog. Love the wallpaper and yes I think you should apprentice too---sounds like fun. Saw something recently you might like

scroll to her gem paintings-nice I thought

Happy New Year!
Tina S