Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Glass House Video on Cool Hunting

The guys over at Cool Hunting made a video about Phillip Johnson's (1906-2005) Glass House in New Canaan.

The president of RISD, John Maeda, is featured discussing his thoughts on simplicity and how Johnson "manufactured" his simplicity (my word, not his). The surrounding landscape was tightly controlled by Johnson. He trimmed trees to create vistas. His stone walls look like much of New England, but they too were placed where Johnson wanted them.

I was fortunate enough to visit in 2007 on a chilly September day with my friend Laurie. The art gallery is built into the earth and contains a fabulous selection of contemporary art. I cannot even describe the way the paintings are displayed. It's so amazing. There are 14 builings in all and the tour is very tightly organized as the glass House is in a residential neighborhood and it certainly wouldn't be ok to have bunches of visitors traipsing around suburbia. That's why reservations are a must and 2009 is probably already sold out.

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