Monday, June 30, 2008

Sturdy Summer Totes

I saw these friend wonderful totes at the Chester Gallery last week. I love them!

My friend and well-know basket maker, Sosse Baker made them as prototypes for a class that she's teaching at Wesleyan Potters in January. They are both Cherokee patterns. The bottom one is called the "Chief"s Coffin". I can't figure out which design I like better. I don't actually think she intended to sell them over the summer, but I know I want one. Now. I mentioned that they are sturdy and they are. You could carry two bottles of wine to The Blue Oar for a riverside dinner. They would certainly make a fun summer purse or a great knitting basket.
I'd love to see an orange one. Time will tell.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Blow Out Sale at Hollywould

One of my very favorite online shopping sites is having a major sale beginning tomorrow. Visit Hollywould. Holly, a former model, has the online shop, a store in Manhattan, and one in Palm Beach.

One might characterize me as a collector of her shoes. I have quite a few. Last year they sent me a pair of two different size shoes. By the time I discovered this fact, it was too late. I also bought a pair like the ones at the top of this post and found that I need to buy a half size smaller. In a recent purchase, they sent me a wedge rather than the red print flat (pictured above) that I ordered. I do NOT wear wedges. Like I don't eat wraps and I don't go to Subway. One must have some rules. An aside: customer service is a delight. A bit ditsy, but charming.

Perusing the site tonight I discovered that if you click on Final Sale, there are really great deals, but if you click on the button Sale, there are other bottom priced items that should be in the afore-mentioned category. Since I have most of them already, I honestly don't see me ordering any more for now. As for the clothing, it's a wee bit girly for me and with my shape, online isn't an option, so I might just have to zip in later this week.


A Rainy Morning's Musing

Found this wonderful company, Arbor Vetum, that makes furniture from reclaimed teak. What great lines!

I've been puttering about this morning and had a painter working on my screened porch. We accomplished as much as possible with the looming rain limiting our efforts. So I made a sandwich and sat down to read -- finally! -- the June Issue of GARDENS ILLUSTRATED. Arbor Vetum has an impressive full-page ad.

The issue asks various garden designers and gardeners about top ten favorite garden plants. I think comes down to this. There are some flowers that I cannot get enough of. It's like the fireworks factor: there are never too many fireworks for me. So. Here goes; in no particular order. Peony, astrantia, ranunculus, hydrangea, alchemilla, verbena bonariensis, tulips (some), annual poppies (most), old roses (many), and thalictrum.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chunky Move

Spent the day at the Arts & Ideas Festival in New Haven. The highlight was certainly a dance piece by the Australian group Chunky Move. The performance, Glow, was held at Yale's New Theater. It's not really new new, but I suppose it awaits a naming opportunity.

The dancer/performer's actions determine the music and light on the "floor" stage. She is mostly wriggling around on the floor. There was a yoga sensation at first, but according to the attendees post conversation, there is more: something begging for interpretation. Unless, of course, you are me or an eight year old. The piece is not choreographed in a predisposed manner, from what I understand. My favorite part was when she rolled around on a floor of striped light and her body became a very beautiful blob of black and white. I think kids would like it because they would just enjoy it and not over-analyze it. But it can be a little bit scary.

As the lighting changed, I saw what I thought were different textures. Obviously most of what I thought about was how and who to tell about this wonderful event. At once I saw fishnet stockings and funny knee pads and wanted to invite Addie and my nieces. Suddenly she had what looked like stripes on her face and legs and I realized it was all done by the lights. Then I wanted to invite everyone I know. Then I calmed myself down and said they will know. And I may go again Sunday. The website of Chunky Move has some video.


Friday, June 13, 2008

It haunts me

Ok. Here it goes. I have been trying to download or is it upload photographs of my beloved cornus kousa at my old house. Blogger will not allow this. Why not? Yes finally, PERHAPS
they were having a bad day.

I merely wanted to say that when I lived here
and the moon was doing its best
I awoke to a light that
convinced me that it had snowed in summer.
I willingly accepted

In June. In July.
That snow came.
How could I believe that?
For so many nights. And not have the faith to believe in other things.

What a dope. Perhaps it means I should not be discussing this.
My faith/belief is flawed.


Monday, June 9, 2008


Other than silk scarves with insects on them, my collections would be of value to no one but me. They tend to be things of nature. Most of them are found on my daily walks on the beach.

My house might collapse under the weight of this STUFF.
The trianglular objects are stone and occasionally brick or seaglass.
Sometimes there is discussion about whether the object is "close enough" to being a triangle.
It's a judgement call.

The seaglass started it all. It has broken down into colors. Pretty soon the blue tiles will be sent to their own container. There may also be further recategorization of light greens and light blues.

These are shoe-shaped objects. A left and a right. But they can be turned around and be right and left. The one on top is a Barbie type plastic shoe that insinuated itself into the collection. The photo is poor. It is a dark green pump.
Here is the beginning of my collection of six-sided objects. My favorite. The spherical rock to the left is from my neighbor-in-California, Sally, who moved away almost 20 years ago. I keep my neighbors close. One of my saddest days.

It can be quite the weight to carry these stones. I almost have to hope against hope that I don't find too many on one day.

The heaviest one was 12 pounds.

The pinky speckled one is so ugly that it's beautiful.
Oh, I do collect shoes. And interesting items with insects. But I don't thin that anyone would be interested in those things.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Buckets -- of all things

Julie at Remodelista had a post a yesterday that is fun and at the same time puzzling. Leave it to Julie to find buckets in super-cool colors. This woman finds the most amazing things. I think the word bucket is sort of silly.

But a bucket store? What's next? Is there a store for everything? Is there a store for aesthetically appealing sponges? I think this proves that you can be surrounded by beautiful simple STUFF. I wonder what I could do with these multi-colored buckets. Beige for washing the outdoor furniture. Red (for rage) for cleaning pollen-laden window sills. Yellow for deadheading flowers? Surely this would be a step above my usual joint compound bucket. Naaaaa.


Flowers for Friday -- Mkk Designs

My old friend, and always-on-the-go floral designer, Melissa Kane of MKK Designs sent me some wonderful photos of her recent work. Her studio is in Westport, CT and most of her clients are in Fairfield County. But I'm sure she could be lured elsewhere.

Check out this wild color scheme. Youthful. It works.

I love the lilacs, peonies and bits of fern in this one.
The dappled violet orchid . . . . I can smell the old roses.

And elegant statement from an autumn event. Dreamy family of colors.
Melissa can be reached at or 203.227.2182


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Passionate about Pots

My friend Susan is passionate about flower pots. She has a website called
A Place to take Root.

I found this funny pot at the Conran Store.
It would be excitng with clusters of black pelargoniums or a hot red of some sort. it also needs something flopping over the sides. Time to fill my pots and I am very much behind.