Monday, June 23, 2008

Blow Out Sale at Hollywould

One of my very favorite online shopping sites is having a major sale beginning tomorrow. Visit Hollywould. Holly, a former model, has the online shop, a store in Manhattan, and one in Palm Beach.

One might characterize me as a collector of her shoes. I have quite a few. Last year they sent me a pair of two different size shoes. By the time I discovered this fact, it was too late. I also bought a pair like the ones at the top of this post and found that I need to buy a half size smaller. In a recent purchase, they sent me a wedge rather than the red print flat (pictured above) that I ordered. I do NOT wear wedges. Like I don't eat wraps and I don't go to Subway. One must have some rules. An aside: customer service is a delight. A bit ditsy, but charming.

Perusing the site tonight I discovered that if you click on Final Sale, there are really great deals, but if you click on the button Sale, there are other bottom priced items that should be in the afore-mentioned category. Since I have most of them already, I honestly don't see me ordering any more for now. As for the clothing, it's a wee bit girly for me and with my shape, online isn't an option, so I might just have to zip in later this week.

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