Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chunky Move

Spent the day at the Arts & Ideas Festival in New Haven. The highlight was certainly a dance piece by the Australian group Chunky Move. The performance, Glow, was held at Yale's New Theater. It's not really new new, but I suppose it awaits a naming opportunity.

The dancer/performer's actions determine the music and light on the "floor" stage. She is mostly wriggling around on the floor. There was a yoga sensation at first, but according to the attendees post conversation, there is more: something begging for interpretation. Unless, of course, you are me or an eight year old. The piece is not choreographed in a predisposed manner, from what I understand. My favorite part was when she rolled around on a floor of striped light and her body became a very beautiful blob of black and white. I think kids would like it because they would just enjoy it and not over-analyze it. But it can be a little bit scary.

As the lighting changed, I saw what I thought were different textures. Obviously most of what I thought about was how and who to tell about this wonderful event. At once I saw fishnet stockings and funny knee pads and wanted to invite Addie and my nieces. Suddenly she had what looked like stripes on her face and legs and I realized it was all done by the lights. Then I wanted to invite everyone I know. Then I calmed myself down and said they will know. And I may go again Sunday. The website of Chunky Move has some video.

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