Monday, June 23, 2008

A Rainy Morning's Musing

Found this wonderful company, Arbor Vetum, that makes furniture from reclaimed teak. What great lines!

I've been puttering about this morning and had a painter working on my screened porch. We accomplished as much as possible with the looming rain limiting our efforts. So I made a sandwich and sat down to read -- finally! -- the June Issue of GARDENS ILLUSTRATED. Arbor Vetum has an impressive full-page ad.

The issue asks various garden designers and gardeners about top ten favorite garden plants. I think comes down to this. There are some flowers that I cannot get enough of. It's like the fireworks factor: there are never too many fireworks for me. So. Here goes; in no particular order. Peony, astrantia, ranunculus, hydrangea, alchemilla, verbena bonariensis, tulips (some), annual poppies (most), old roses (many), and thalictrum.

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