Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cleaning the DWR Way

Put on your apron. Your Fog apron that is.

I was about to recycle the large DWR catalog this afternoon, decided to look through it. Wow! There are all sorts of cool items for the home. Obviously with the economy going to hell in a hand basket, shopping is . . . perhaps ill-advised. Nevertheless, there are great ideas for the home and super ideas for gifts. The Fog Linen apron, by Japanese designer Yumiko Sekine is a good place to start. The complete collection, which can be seen on the DWR website, is made from linen from Lithuania is said to get softer and more absorbent over time.

I also found this useful little item. The table brush, part of the collection by Swedish designer Iris Hantwerk, is impressive in that it's almost, but not cute. It is so compact. I love things that are perfectly contained. Gotta love the business model too. According to DWR, "they hire and support visually impaired craftspeople" to make these wonderful everyday objects.
So Stop. Do not send this one out to recycle. Take another look.

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