Friday, December 19, 2008

Flowers for Friday -- Joe Marini

Joe Marini of River in Essex, CT is one of my top fav floral designers. Genius level great with living things.

I love River and the wonderful owners Joe Marini and his partner John Simoudis. The shop is wonderful and always changing; selling beautiful linens, antiques, architectural elements, garden artifacts, and other goodies. Today I'd like to focus on Joe's floral designs. I'm really excited for Monday when I pick up my Christmas arrangement designed by Joe! I know it will be super. In addition to floral design, Joe does lots of events for individuals (birthday bashes and weddings) and now the local non-profits are asking him for help. And yet, he's very practical. I asked him months ago, even before the economy tanked, how he goes about working with, say, a bride. How does he approach it? He said he considered it a requirement to set a budget and stick to it. He insists that you can, indeed have lovely flowers as long as you are realistic. He said that there might be fewer flowers, but they will be great. From all of the talk among my friends, Joe's work not only wows in the moment, but is most memorable and isn't that what is really important? Call him. There is still time for Christmas orders.
860 304 8480
Taken with my Iphone in the shop earlier this month.

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