Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inexpensive Makeover for Lighting -- The Candle Sleeve

Found this unusual product today called a kaarsKoker. I can't decide which I want.

kaarsKoker, the Dutch translation of “candle sleeve,” are decorative replacement candle sleeves for light fixtures. The idea is simple, but I hadn't seen anything like this. It's obviously a slight change. But, if it's all in the details, this a significant detail to my eye. They cost around $14.00 a pair. Compare that to at least $600 for a pair of sconces and there is no contest.
kaarsKoker was launched in September 2008 by April Pride Allison, principal of the Seattle-based interior design firm, aPa Company. The sleeves are meant to replace the standard, white plastic tubes typically found on chandeliers and sconces. I don't love all of them (skull & bones comes to mind) but that's not important. To put it politley, there is a sleeve for everyone. I like quite a few and in this economy that's enough.

No, this isn't my taste, but it's a worthy example.

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