Friday, March 6, 2009

Christian Faur -- Crayon Series -- Encaustic Crayons

My friend John Simoudis (who designed my blog) recently told me about the artist Christian Faur.

I'm featuring the Crayon Series here, but his other work is quite -- if not more -- amazing. Certainly worth of another post. Stay tuned. He makes thousands of encaustic crayons and arrangers these pixels in wooden frames. Because the wax would otherwise render the pieces too heavy, his fbricated crayons are about half size. They are amazing. I would love to see one up close. Take a look at his Crayonettes. Faur is Director of Collaborative Technologies in the Arts at Denison in Granville, OH. His website can be found here and he is represented by the Sherrie Gallerie. You can see a close up below.

Umbilical Sky

The Dance 1

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