Thursday, August 12, 2010

Volkswagens new EBike -- Bik.e

This went right under my radar early in the spring when it was announced in China. VW's new electronic EBike or more properly the Bik.e.

While only a concept now, it seems to me it would be a hit. Love the clean design. Not sure how it would be on hills, but for city exploring or flat areas, it looks like fun. With a speed of 12.5 mph you'd better like meandering. Its range of 12.5 miles also limits its functionality, but alas (!) it's meant as a car accessory. Volkswagen sells cars. The car, in fact, charges the bike and watch how it folds. Check it out in this video.

There are no plans to actually produce them, but one can dream. No word on cost either.

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