Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Euphorbias from Sunshine Farm

Got an email from Barry Glick aka King Hellebore today that arrived in my spam box. This man is a character. A true flower child. The address from which it was sent certainly looked spamish, as did the subject line, "She's FINALLY available!!!!). I have been acquainted with Sunshine Farm in West Virginia for years, but Sunfarm?

Knowing Barry, I warily clicked and was overjoyed that King Hellebore (he calls himself that; I just call him Hellebore man) has turned his attention to euphorbias. In fact he said that this was the first plant that he has ever been inclined to patent and coming from him, that's big news. He has developed hundreds of hellebores. But back to the euphorbias. Everyone has seen them. Sometimes they are weeds in which case we refer to them as spurge. Even the way the word spurge falls off the tongue suggests the blahs. I am drawn to both the euphorbia and hellebore families for the simple reason that the deer are NOT. Both are easy to grow and spread wonderfully in the garden. The photograph above is the new Euphorbia 'Jessie', she's lovely and for sale. The one below is Euphorbia 'Autumn Sunset' and it will be available soon. They will probably sell out fast, although Barry may have thought of that already and made thousands of baby 'Jessies'. Check out his site. You'll be there for hours.

Obviously, I couldn't resist adding an image of one of Barry's double hellebores. I bought a bunch of babies from him last fall and hope that they plan on blooming this winter.

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