Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Male's Christmas Mobiles

When I was a little kid, I had a most wonderful art teacher who is now a more than wonderful friend.

Don Male now makes art and helps kids for whom English is a second language. His kids/clients are amazingly talented. He feigns a serious demeanor with them but they know he's winking the whole time. He does the same with his dog named Calder -- surprise surprise. Today I want to talk about his mobiles. Like his house and like him, they are magical. He shops immediately after Christmas and hoards tons of lovely ornaments that are on sale. As a kid Don taught us the value of dumpster diving. Not something I do, but I do know that you should wear good protective gloves. At Christmas his house is particularly magical. And his community work makes us all look like lazy bums. He is a treasure to the many communities he participates in and to me. He makes me a better person.

One of the kids taught him to make the lovely paper spheres you see below.

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Mergirl said...

So fun and beautiful...I love them!