Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smitten by the Middle Kingdom

About a month ago, I visited a new concept store on the green in Guilford, CT called MIX.

I knew a little bit about the store and its evolution, but really had NO idea 
what it would carry. . . . What it would look like. . . . But I had a good feeling about it.
I was wowed.

A few things blew me away. Mostly a porcelain line called Middle Kingdom. The forms, the colors. Breathtaking. The interiors are sometimes a different color. As in my new vase. It has a pink interior and made me run out an clip bunches of ornamental quince. I am not a photographer, so the photo doesn't do it justice. The color might be better at one of the other websites.

While at the ICA in Boston last weekend I found many other designs
by this firm and am certain I will be a collector.

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