Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recently I found the work of these two young photographers. They could not be more different.

But I like both of their work. Adrien Broom is a fine art photographer who also does commercial work (fashion, weddings and music seem to be specialties). Two series on her website are particularly of interest to me. The first, Places Larger Than You, shows tiny sometimes lonely looking, but not sad figures and landscapes. Second, check out her Aquariums series. I love them. They are relaxing and transformative. The three portraits I've poster are of Adrien's sister. The one above shows Margot an interior designer looking the part. The two below are also Margot -- playfully dramatic.

Andrew Robert Todd, a recent graduate of Paier College of Art. His work was (is?) hanging in a local art cinema. I was impressed. I look forward to seeing more of his -- very affordable -- work. He embraces both traditional and digital techniques. His work is rooted in an interest in both science and art. You can view his work here. Here is a small selection of his work.

The State of Things

Still Life

Beneath the Surface (my fav)

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