Saturday, July 12, 2008

2008 National Shed Week U.K.

I've been thinking about building a shed for the lawn mower stowed in my upper lawn. For quite some time. Last week, when I was otherwise occupied with catching up with life after being away for the weekend, people in the U.K. were celebrating National Shed Week. Check out the Shed Blog to read of all things shed. The two photographs above are of a shed I drive by frequently and one I'm quite fond of.

Note the detail at the roof on this simple structure. This could be quite nice.

I like the shape of this one, but the arbor makes it look tiny. Maybe it's just the angle of the photograph.

I like this simple understated shed. Although I adore the color, it might be fun to paint it a bright color. But I'm not sure. Design comes first.

I admire this shed, but it is perhaps a bit too grand for my little yard and, for my purpose.

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