Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jotting from my Iphone

I frequently call my home voicemail to remind myself to do things that I know I'll forget to do. Use your imagination. . . . The problem is, well, I don't often check my home voicemail. So I was delighted to find Jott on the new APP Store on the new 2.0 screen, in the "featured"section (as I was driving on 95 the other day). Not good, I know this.

It looks like a voice recorder but then sends my message to me via email. Just tap the screen and record your message. For example, I told myself to write a note to Lori and an email arrived later in the evening and told me "Write note to Lory. " Note its creative spelling. You can also send yourself text messages, but if you're a new 3g Iphone owner, you will now be charged for data, unlike the earlier version.

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