Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peony photographs by John Simoudis

My friend John Simoudis has a series of peony photographs that was a pleasure discover on this rainy Sunday afternoon. The rain is welcome, but the cold it has brought is not. But back to John. His help in the design of my blog was invaluable. He is a master of design who excels at both commercial and a fine art photography. I met him at River, the shop he owns with his partner Joe Marini. More on Joe at another time. Their home was recently featured on DesignSponge.

My friend Barbara and I are planning to attend the first Farm Dinner of the year, although it won't be at a farm, but rather the Connecticut River Museum. Far fetched, one might think, but, alas, the river is the "farm" tonight. The evening will be a celebration of the Connecticut River Shad. Our boniest claim to fame. I've been enjoying shad for a month or so. I finally began cooking it in parchment paper because all of the other methods, while tasty, wind up falling apart and look plain messy. John Simoudis has a wonderful photograph of the Shad Shack on his website, but I hesitate to publish it without his permission. It is number 22 out of 25. Check it out.

I'm hoping that somehow rhubarb is incorporated into the menu. . . .

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