Saturday, May 31, 2008

What would Thorton Wilder Think?

The Williamstown Theatre Festival people send me emails on a regular basis. Call me old fashioned, but I find it disconcerting to attend a WTF event or get a 10% discount on WTF logo apparel and merchandise at the Patron level. WTF? I'm going to wear a WTF tee shirt?

For a donation of $1,500-$2,499, I can be a Benefactor and be on the WTF Annual Honor Roll.
Heck, I might already be there.

But to see Campbell Scott in The Atheist and Kate Burton and Darrell Hammond in Beyond Therapy, I might just have to be quiet and stop this silliness.

Of course, while there I will have to visit Mass MoCA where there is an Anselm Kiefer exhibit of paintings and sculptures in this North Adams art mecca. He's a controversial and prolific artist. I certainly respect that. I remember his books at MOMA in the 80's or 90's. I think of golden grasses when I think of him. Desolation of the sort I recall.

If you visit this area, you will inevitably decide to stay at Porches the hotel where you, too can pretend that you were a factory worker. When I visited several Thanksgivings ago, I nearly froze to death. But, realizing I was living a life from the past, I actually had fun. It's a charming place, but best visited in moderate temps.

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